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Sunday, November 23, 2014

First release: Escape Dead Island tools

Hello everyone!

A new spin-off game in the Dead Island world was released recently, namely Escape Dead Island, made by Fatshark.

Long time before the release of the game, I said that I had no plans for this new game, but after receiving some inquiries, I decided to take the challenge after all.

Now that there is some progress on my side, I can share some of it. For now, there's only one tool, but if this goes as planned, there will be more. It's not much but it should aid in further research and experimentation with the game.

The first tool is currently called "EdiSaveDataRepacker"; it's meant for unpacking your save-data, letting you modify it using a hex editor or better, then re-pack the save-data so that it can be used in-game. I included some minimal "documentation"/readme with the program, which I've also pasted down below.

As for the future, I must say that the game is a bit limited compared to Dead Island (as one can expect), so I'm not expecting much when it comes to modding the game and save-data.


Download (920 KB)


EDI Tools

EDI Tools is a collection of tools for the game Escape Dead Island by Fatshark, to aid with data research and data manipulation.

System requirements

Save-data tools

These tools aid with handling data for saved games.


Used for unpacking and repacking of raw save-data in its uncompressed, serialized form.

What it can do:

  • Accept files via drop-and-drop.
  • Unpack the data into its uncompressed, serialized form.
    • Save it to a file.
    • Edit it directly using the bundled hex editor.
  • Automatically repackages the file when you modify the data.

What it can't do:

  • Make your life easier when handling files for Steam, PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360.
  • Automatically create backups. It's advised that you always keep a backup to prevent data loss.
  • Display the actual save-data in a human-readable form.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Expired domain, news inside DISE

One of the domain names I don't plan to use anymore ( has just expired, and DISE can't display news.

It's unfortunate that DISE still tries to use that domain, and I'm sorry for letting you see that.

There's nothing interesting in the News area now except for advertisements and such; however, I will update the domain name in the next update for DISE so that news appear as usual again.

Thank you!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

A thank-you message from Steffen


このたびは、Dead Island Save Editor (デッドアイランド・セーブエディタ、通称 DISE)に興味をお持ちくださいまして、まことにありがとうございます。

DISE はフリーウェアですが、プロジェクトへの寄付を随時受け付けております。
寄付にご協力いただいた方には、そのお礼として premium license を提供しております。

DISE に関するご要望、ご質問を当ブログまたは e-mail でお寄せいただければ、回答可能なものに関してはお返事を差し上げております。

それでは今後とも DISE をよろしくお願い申し上げます。


English translation

To my precious DISE fans,

Thank you very much for your interest in Dead Island Save Editor (a.k.a DISE).

DISE is provided as freeware, but donation to the DISE project is always welcome.
Those who have helped with a donation are entitled to receive the DISE premium license.

If you have any requests or questions, please leave comments on the DISE blog or simply e-mail me.
I will get back to you whenever possible (with some exceptions though).

Your continuous support for DISE is very much appreciated!

Developer: Steffen

Norwegian translation

Til mine kjære DISE-fans,

Tusen takk for all din interesse for Dead Island Save Editor (også kalt DISE).

DISE er gratis, men en donasjon til DISE-prosjektet er alltid velkommen.
De som har hjulpet med en donasjon har rett til å motta en premium-lisens til DISE.

Dersom du har forespørsler eller spørsmål, vennligst legg igjen en kommentar på DISE-bloggen, eller enkelt og greit send meg en e-post.
Jeg vil svare deg så snart det er mulig (med noen unntak).

Din fortsatte støtte til DISE blir satt stor pris på!

Utvikler: Steffen

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Release: DISE v0.1.7.3

Note: There is some leftover Game Genie code, but this is only cosmetic. Game Genie is not required, so please disregard any popup messages about Game Genie.


  • Disable "Save as" for PS3 save data since it's not supported, and set proper filter in file dialog.


dise- | mirror 1 | mirror 2 (10.1 MB) | mirror 1 | mirror 2 (11.3 MB) | mirror 1 | mirror 2 (9.49 MB) | mirror 1 | mirror 2 (4.23 MB)

Release: DISE v0.1.7.2


  • Show DLC prompt when adding BBQ Mod (PS3).
  • Improved UI for ammo reserves (scroll and height).
  • Fixed issue with detecting whether the game is DI or Riptide, and syncing Riptide profile with Steam Cloud.


dise- | mirror 1 | mirror 2 (10.1 MB) | mirror 1 | mirror 2 (11.3 MB) | mirror 1 | mirror 2 (9.49 MB) | mirror 1 | mirror 2 (4.23 MB)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Release: DISE v0.1.7

Finally, this update brings FULL support for modding PlayStation 3 saves! Game Genie is NOT required!

DISE is the first free program to fully support modding Dead Island saves for PS3, and I'm proud to be the first to publicly crack and document the game's save data protection. My research can be used for other games as well, so feel free to check it out! :)

If you saw my previous post, you could see that a big problem blocked this release. Since my support request didn't get any replies, I replaced that exact feature with something else, and solved it. It's technical, so I shouldn't go much into detail.

DISE has been through a relatively long phase where support for Riptide and PS3 has been in development and under testing. I think this will be one of the last experimental updates for now, so that I can start pushing automatic updates again under the main/stable release channel.

Your help with testing DISE is much appreciated. Thank you! :)


  • Implemented save data hashing function for PS3.
  • Fixed wrong hashes being generated in PARAM.PFD.
  • Disabled Game Genie integration.


dise- | mirror 1 | mirror 2 (10.1 MB) | mirror 1 | mirror 2 (11.3 MB) | mirror 1 | mirror 2 (9.49 MB) | mirror 1 | mirror 2 (4.23 MB)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Modded DI saves without Game Genie? Yes you can!

I hereby proudly present you with great news for you and your PS3 console.

I've cracked the extra security layer for Dead Island: Riptide saves! This means good-bye to Game Genie, and you will be able to mod PS3 saves as much as you want to, for free!

Feel free to read my research!

This is a major accomplishment for me, since I've for the first time done any PS3 reverse engineering. I've learned quite a bit in just one week! :)

When will the next release be?

Hopefully soon (within days). I've already implemented this, but I'm facing another critical problem. You can read more technical details about this issue on CyaSSL's community forum.

Rough explanation of the security layer

The game uses a custom tamper protection in addition to encryption. While we could decrypt, mod and encrypt saves, the game just wouldn't load them. The reason is that the game keeps a hash of the saved file, and it's apparently a custom or an uncommon algorithm. This hash is verified by the game, so until now it could always know if the hash of the saved file wasn't exactly what it was supposed to be (then reject the save).

This screenshot doesn't show everything, but what you see here is is a hint of victory. On the left, the PARAM.SFO file is for one saved profile is loaded in a hex editor, and shows the hash that was generated by the game. On the right is my code, and a console program showing my own generated hash, and they are identical!

Now that we can generate this hash, we can trick the game into believing that modded files are clean! :)