How to edit saved game with DISE and Modio (Xbox 360)

This less-than-a-minute long video I made shows you how to do it (as the title says) quick and easy. Please pause/rewind if it’s too quick. :)

Modio version: 3.0.
DISE version: alpha 37.

You can get Modio from the official website or from my download section.
More user-made videos can be found here.


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  1. Hey can you help me i have the save a little hour than i want to modded my weapon to used on lvl 1 and all my weapon is the orange one when i go to my xbox i load it and it freeze on the load screen please help me (sorry for bad english)

  2. I have the latest release i assume… i took my save from my xbox 360 to my USB then to my PC i extracted it to the desktop using Modio… i modded it with the options i wanted i hit “save” i assumed it used the extracted save i placed on the desktop so i took that save and overwrote the one currently on the USB with it using Modio i saved then placed back onto my Xbox360 only to find out that it is STILL the same level 58 Sam B game save that i already had from playing the game!

  3. Hi, I am having a problem. After I use DISE the game freezes on me. I have followed the video directions exactly and I have used DISE on the original Dead Island, but it is freezing on riptide. It does this while it is trying to load the save.

  4. When I go to save my altercations using this program for Riptide I get “couldn’t save the file! Please make sure it’s not in use.” Anybody know anything about that?

  5. got a problem with saving my Xbox 360 file on dise. It seems to not save it. I’m editing the file and click save, replace it with my original file and it’s still the same original file with no mods. So, I try to save as and in modio it says invalid.

  6. got a problem with saving my Xbox 360 file on dise. It seems to not save it. I’m editing the file and click save, replace it with my original file and it’s still the same original file with no mods. So, I try to save as and in modio it says invalid.

    • Hello!

      DISE saves it, but if you use the integrated Xbox content package viewer, it will not repackage the CON/STFS package at the moment (and in this case, DISE saves to your temp folder instead).

      Please make sure to extract the contents of the CON/STFS package using Modio, then load the extracted file into DISE (do not close it in Modio yet). After modding, save and replace it in Modio, rehash/resign.

      If you have any more trouble please let me know! :)

  7. I do exactly as the video says and I manage to make them show up, yet none of the data has changed. It’s practically the same save just duplicated even though I changed them all.

    • I know others have had the same problem but it seemed to be a problem outside of DISE (if you use Modio, Horizon or similar). If you re-open the same save in DISE and still see your changes, then it should work, and I’m not quite sure why some people have problems. I’ve also tested a lot of saves that apparently didn’t work, but they worked fine for me. Maybe you can try to update your game if you haven’t or if you use Horizon, try horizon or the other way around. As long as you still see your changes in DISE, your save should be fine.

    • I’m sorry, I am not quite sure what you mean with “ran out”. Still, how about not using that download manager?
      You should have no problem downloading DISE in regular web browsers with the default download manager.
      There’s a direct link and mirror. :)
      I hope that helps you get started modding it yourself. :)

  8. i cant get anything to work both horizon modio and usb xtaf are rejecting my modded savegames and its kinda making me angry ive tried everything and it hasnt worked ive probably looked at over 100 sites and nothing has worked i need help

  9. Well i see what you mean but so far with what i have done the char is extremely over powered as in throwing a deathstalker zeds demise at a ram or thug is 99% chance of an instant kill but when swinging it takes maybe 2 swings to kill guns so far are extremely powerful shotguns getting crit hits 90% of the time and destroying zombies while rifles are 4000 plus damage on my game per shot so its fairly decent it be even better if it was an instant kill with any weapon i had on me but thats would be easiest to obtain with the premium tweaks well ill get back to you with more later
    -Moon CadaverGenocide

  10. I tried multiple game saves and a brand new one with out any modding at first works best. you just open the save check all the tweaks and for some reason they catch but with another save that has already had infin ammo or unlimited cash seems to reject the tweaks. also i found some sort of glitch with the money single player i have max cash but after all the tweaks were applied the max money stayed but then dissappears when joining someones game and also doesn’t keep any money collected and stays at 0 anything that you can think of right off that could cause this i didnt have much time to try and fix it last night so any thing will help for when i try today. also what do you mean about the maxing of skills without making modifications might give negative results
    -Moon CadaverGenocide

    • Thank you.

      The issue with money could come from having too much on the Xbox (even if it probably works on the PC). It could appear as 0 or negative. I think it would always be good to keep values within sensible ranges.

      Regarding skills, I meant having more than the original max limit. 32,767 is the absolute max you can have, while you were originally meant to have 1-3. If you simply max everything without paying any attention to each skill’s individual effect, there will be some bad effects because of how the game is coded.

      My goal for the skill tweaks is to have simple and safe ways to exceed the original limits. If you have previously maxed your skill points, it’s best to start from scratch, e.g. by resetting them. :)

  11. i was able to get all the tweaks to work and the unbreakable check box to work on the zed’s demises and katanas i have so i pretty much have covered everything on my 3 chars just need to get the map reveal to work and get premium to get those tweaks
    -Moon CadaverGenocide

    • That’s great. Did you do anything special to make them work? Anything different?

      Do you have problems even with the map?

      A few tips I can think of quickly…

      Some weapons, such as the Stationary MG will freeze your (unmodded) game.

      The Xbox has some more limits than the PC, so very high values (skill points, ammo, cash, etc) may freeze your Xbox.

      A value of 709 should be good, according to users.

      Maxing your skills without making any modifications may give you negative results (especially skills that changes your aim accuracy, recoil, etc).

  12. WELL i figured out how to get the nubreakable weapons done on xbox and also im still working on the tweaks they end up messing up my save as in it not being there on the xbox when selecting a save in game and also i saw this by accident but if you end up reseting all the skill points and click give all you end up with all 4 characters skill trees in game so your like god really your health bar is increased by alot and stamina is also but each character has a difference you know like xian and sam b has his health bar just so much more increased than xian but it still helps alot if you dont have the tweaks working on your game yet plus it makes throwing weapons fly back to you and using firearms much more deadly its like all the characters were smashed into one and its just very great. ill keep you updated with my progress and ill donate to you here shortly within the next few days. good day :p

    • If you could please tell me exactly what to do, I could try it on my own Xbox.. Or I could test your save and see if I can find something out.

      Giving other characters’ skills to yourself is a feature of DISE. You can quickly give yourself skills from every character, just your character, or individual trees for your own character. You have some more convenience options if you right-click skills.

      Please do tell me anything you can find out. :)

    • well how do you want me to send you my save ? email or just attach it to you here hah well ima try and see if i can get these tweaks to work on my save if i cant any tips or tricks or tips that i should know before hand ? AND mad props to you my friend for making such a great editor
      -Moon aka CadaverGenocide

  13. hey how do you unlock the premium version of DISE and also yah ive been testing out almost all of your features on your program and ive found some things like guns that wont let the game save properly and the unbreakable weapons check to not work on zed’s demise and the other katanas either im doing them wrong or something is just not working on the xbox game. well ill let you know what else i figure out its quite fun actually ohhhh hah the m72 gun freezes everyone’s xbox if shot at a truck while inside it also downs everyone near the user its freaking amazing i wouldnt change a thing. but if we could figure out why the xbox unbreakables doesn’t work would be grand names Moon cheers mate

    • There’s info here on that:

      I’ve seen that the “Unbreakable” option doesn’t always work on the Xbox even when it does on the PC. It’s sort of a hack and something one isn’t supposed to do in computer programs (it could even have side effects), so I’m afraid I may not be able to do anything about it. :

      When it doesn’t work, the skill tweak should be more reliable, but they work for all weapons at the same time.

      The M72 can be pretty annoying, and I’ve heard quite a few stories in online games. You can protect yourself completely using Immortality #1 skill tweak, by the way.

  14. hey bro replace the file first then rehash and resign think there is the problem. ive messed with the DISE only for today and have flawless results only thing i cant figure out is the damn unbreakable weapons thing

    • On the Inventory tab, under Modify item, you can make individual items unbreakable. Please note that it doesn’t work with all weapons, and even less on the Xbox than on the PC. The tweak(s) is/are on the Skills tab, after clicking “Tweaks”. It’s a premium tweak, though, which reliably makes all weapons unbreakable at the same time.

    • It does seem like the Xbox game is a bit more limited than the PC game. I do most of the testing on PC, so it’s possible that some things do not work on the Xbox exactly the same way as they do on the PC. They should work, however, and other people have also used them on Xbox. :)

  15. Well, I’ve done everything correctly according to what the video on here and a couple videos on YouTube (both done by ULSScopes if you’d like to hae a look) have shown me, but after I save it, rehash and resign, replace the file on my flash drive and put it back into my xbox, I try playing the game and the save basically doesn’t exist. There isn’t even a choice to continue. I checked my flash drive and the save game is still on it, but it will not appear when I press play in the game. Any help with this?

    • Yes, please, I would love to see the ones by ULSScopes. Others have had the same problem and it seemed to be fine after creating a new save. I’m afraid I don’t know what is the problem, though. I would have assumed that the problem would lie with Modio (or Horizon or whichever tool you use), but it could be the game as well because I have experienced the same on PC. The way I solved it at that time was to create a new save and simply rename my files.

    • (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NXI7odthHo&feature=relmfu) is the first video by ULSScopes and (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjytxgXu_1E) is the second. I’ve watched both of them, and I’ve also watched the video at the top of this page half a dozen times.. I’ve tried using Modio originally and Horizon as well. About 15 minutes ago I thought that I had gotten it right with a new save and Modio but when I tried to play, the file was gone again. It wasn’t corrupted, and in the device explorer underneath “Type” in which it is supposed to say “Con” and not “File”, it did, in fact, say “Con” for Content (having to do with the term “Xbox Content”). I’m not sure what exactly this problem is but I’d like to see it resolved! :P

    • It sounds a bit strange. It probably won’t help you if I test your save, since I’m pretty sure it will work fine for me. : Is your game full updated (even if DISE works with all saves)?

    • Yeah my game is fully up to date with the latest update from xbox. I was thinking of possibly clearing my system cache but I have some really big updates… but I’m sure you could get it to work, and I don’t believe I’m doing anything wrong with it.. Wanna throw out any and all suggestions you can think of? I’ll expain whether I did or didn’t do aything right.

    • The few time I had problems, I copied one of my old saves (or Con/STFS packages), then simply renamed and replaced the contents with my modded save (and of course the usual re-hashing and such).

    • Some people have had issues with flash drives with a capacity of less than 8 GB, but I have used one with 1 GB. I’m afraid it’s not easy to tell why it doesn’t work for you, without seeing it for myself. :

    • Well I’d like to thank you for your assisstance anyway, and over a process of uninstalling, redownloading and then updating, I got it to work! :P the only problem now would be the attrbutes of some of that weapons being dangerously low… one baseball bat actually does 0 damage o.O

    • I’m just sorry I couldn’t do more, but it’s limited what I can do when the ways – normal or not – that I know don’t work. It’s not a problem with DISE itself, but I am of course very interested in exactly what causes the problem. :

      After backing up your save, you could try to reset your skills and/or remove all of your inventory items except for the baseball bat. I would try to narrow down the problem.

      There was another person recently who had the same problem, and I couldn’t see anything obvious. :

    • Yes, there are multiple ways in DISE. You can do it per item (use the “Unbreakable”-checkbox), or you can use the skill tweak “Unbreakable weapons” to make all weapons unbreakable.

  16. Everytime I mod my save it no longer becomes a dead island save. I can still open it in DISE, but no where else. It always says invalid package or something similar. It’s happened everytime. I still have backups, but I wanted to use this mod. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or not. I’ll wait for the reply, thanks for your time.

  17. ^^^^ignore that post i posted earlier i fixed it now but im having trouble again this time modding the amount of ammo the gun i got ok so the gun i got is the zzz_m60_n& from the custom weapons on the save editor and i added it to my inventory then i modified the ammo and rarity i made the ammo like 985735636 and made the rarity exceptional and then i saved rehashed and resigned using horizon and replace it with the old or non-modded save i had and then i put my USB back in the xbox and started dead island and everything seemed fine my lvl 60 chapter 12 9999999x bleed bomb and sonic pulse granades (but they are called brainwave bombs on the save editor)and then i checked them all and i made them all orange rarity but that didn’t work then i checked the m60 but the ammo was 1/0 and i tried mulitple times editing the ammo but its still 1/0 and the raretity is common (white) so i need help then if i can edit weapons stats then i can help my friend anytime on dead island so it will really help me.

    So plzz help me with the problem and i will thank u :).

  18. i have managed to change my save and everything but when i go into the game the new save that has been made dont show up why is this ??

    • I have seen the same a few times but placing the save on the USB device again seemed to work. If the problem is with Modio, you can try a different program such as Horizon. :)

  19. It wont show the weapons i added to jins storage…And i also wanted to know if it was possible to change the critical hit chance of a modded weapon to 100% instead of 4% or w/e and to chance the level of the modded weapon to lets say an impact level 4 to a 5?

    • ^^^Same anon as before posted^^^ I got the weapons to show, but my other question involving critical hit chance percent i am still pondering.

    • Hello! It should work, so I think you need to make sure everything is done right. :) I’m afraid it’s not possible to increase the crit. chance on weapons but perhaps through changing skill points.

  20. may i get your paypal? i am getting some money tonight or tomorrow and then i will be able to donate to you :) also, just out of curiosity when i donate, how do i receive the premium edition? is it a separate download that you link me or what? just curious, thanks for your help,

    • I’m sorry for not making it more clear, but the donation button is kind of tucked away on the download page:

      Perhaps it’s time to move it to the front page. (*゜▽゜*)

      After donation, you will normally be redirected to my “thank you” page with instructions to receive your key or registering DISE, which is just e-mailing me the PayPal transaction ID/confirmation # with a name to use for registration.

      I realized just now that I can definitely do a better job at explaining the whole process before you actually donate.

      In advance, thank you very much (if you decide to do it). :D

  21. hello! i used this earlier and i really liked it, i did not completely enjoy the unlimited fury. but anyways on to my question i was wondering how i would make a firearm become a one hit kill weapon, do i change something to a certain number or how would i do that? please reply as soon as possible thank you

    • Hello!

      Fury is not intended to be unlimited (actually, no skill tweak for that is included right now), so if you could explain a little more, that would be great. :)

      I’ve had good experiences with one-hit-kill firearms using the “Boost weapon damage” skill tweak in the premium/donator’s edition of DISE. There are various skills for increasing dealt damage, so I think you should try to set them higher.

      “Aimed shots” increases overall firearm damage, so I suggest trying it. Characters having that skill are Logan, Sam B and Ryder (he has 3). Each point/rank increases firearm damage by 5%. In the free edition of DISE, that means you can set 10 points for each of those skills. 10 points x 5% x 5 skills = +250% firearm damage. I’m not sure if it’s enough for instant kills but I suggest trying it and perhaps look for other skills you can use. :)

    • well im not entirely sure what i did, but i had a level 50 sam b and then turned it into level 60 xian and added one weapon and just basically maxed out my skills. i then joined a game with my friends and when i activated fury it would not leave until i left the map. (could not die with unlimited health) but when i respawned i could not change weapons or anything. also, may i ask how much i would have to donate to be able to use the premium edition?

    • I see! Maxing certain skills — especially certain fury skills — will have negative side effects until you talk to quest givers. My memory isn’t the greatest so I can’t quickly recall exactly which skill(s) they are.

      Regarding donations, I just leave it up to people to decide how much my work is worth to them. :)

  22. help me out please…I am using Horizon to extract game, etc. and when I finish using the editor and inject it back on my usb stick, it says “invalid STFS package.” Any suggestions?

    • I’m sorry for the late reply!

      I got the e-mail notification but couldn’t find your message. Just now, I accidentally learned that it had been automatically marked as spam! :O

      The STFS package or XContent package, is the ~60 KB file in which your actual save resides. If you injected your actual save into this file, rehashed/resigned and then saved it back to your USB drive, you should be good.

      If Horizon doesn’t work, I suggest trying Modio. :)

    • It normally works but I have seen that when Modio did not work, Horizon worked. At least for some people. If you try that and it still does not work, you may e-mail me so that we can sort it out. :)

  23. I’m having a problem with putting it back to my xbox after i mod the save it it turns to 6.12 megabites and it wont load can someone help me.

  24. Maybe you should use the latest release? This does not happen to me whatsoever. Everything inside of DISE works flawlessly (except those wierd melee items that freeze your gamesave, but thats not a DISE bug, thats a dead island bug). Also, you should be exiting back to the games start menu and reinserting the memory unit and reselecting it, i have had an issue or two where the game somehow remembers all my stuff (even at start menu) and when i load the game up again, it shows me the previous things and i have to rehash and resign again by exiting safely to the start menu first.

  25. hey… everything works except for the unlock all skills and the add blueprints/collectables. when i go back to my xbox and load the save it doesnt show what blueprints I should have and all the skills i “unlocked” are reverted back to what I had before i modded. can you help me?

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