Legendary weapons

I’ve uploaded 4 game-saves that I got from 360haven.com. They are for Xbox 360, but it’s an easy task to move items over to your own game-save if you use DISE! :)

To get the game-saves, just head over to the game-save repository and look in /Saves/Xbox 360/Legendary weapons/. :)

Here’s the (edited) description:

  • Level 60 character
  • Max cash
  • Max of every craft item
  • Every weapon blueprint
  • Every collectible
  • Every skill unlocked
  • All legendary weapons + extras
  • Max ammo
  • M60 and tank gun
  • Chainsaw
  • Every grenade
Weapons are not modded.
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  1. Its all good If I didn’t want people to use them I would have never posted it. Also could it be messing up because i am using Horizon and not Modio.

    • Thanks. :) Horizon doesn’t work on my computer (crashes), but if you have the same problem after a) closing Horizon and DISE, and b) (re)starting DISE… And perhaps even c) rebooting your computer… I just know that I’m very curious about what causes it!

  2. LOL this is my save set from 360haven. Anyway when I try to load it into dise the inventory screen keeps flashing and then it freezes. any thoughts

    • i actually have gotten past that little frustration by carefully adding and subtracting various skill points to do with the characters main 3 rage mode skills. (not to mention i have everyone’s skills and its epic. please for the love of god don’t take that out!) even with the tweaks that fiddle with the skill points themselves, i still managed to make it a semi normal rage time. although… “semi normal” is quite a bit of an understatement. i run like god damn greased lightning in rage mode lol. Still working on the perfect skill point placement. btw the names Mathew. and i am working with the 360 version. soon to also be the PC too.

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