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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Release: Trainer r3

The trainer should now work on ALL current versions of the game. :)
It tries to find the right offsets automatically, so it may even work for future versions of the game.

What's new
  • Supports all known versions of the game (1.0.0 to 1.3.0).
  • You won't get tired when punching and kicking zombies.
Interested some geeky stuff?

This is how offsets are found:
  • Lookup the known address (the one I found manually or a specific version):
    • Checks known original (non-patched) data. If found, the patch is known to be deactivated.
    • Checks patched data. If found, the patch is known to be to activated.
  • If the lookup failed (maybe the program was updated), do a quick search:
    • The known address is used as an approximate address.
    • Does a quick search around the approx. address, with a fixed min/max tolerance.
    • If found, update the known address so that later, we can do a lookup on the known address.
  • If the quick search failed, do a deeper search:
    • Search through the whole module (e.g. DLL) in the process.
    • If found, update the known address so that later, we can either do a lookup on the known address, or do a quick search.

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