Release: Profile Editor

I updated this tool a little bit on request. :)


  • Steam Cloud syncing: Copied code from DISE so that it works almost the same way.
  • Added a context menu for the fields (left side in the main window). You can copy fields’ name or binary data as hex (with or without the offsets). Just select a field and right-click it.

Download | mirror | SHA1: 70d1f3fda163ccbd9b788a0cc787d08da343e8a9

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  1. I downloaded the programm and put the savegames from my xbox360 on a usb but I cannot open the savegames with the programm.
    whats wrong.?

  2. question! since riptide is going to be the latest installment for dead island will we be able to get stuff for the new characters because if not that will be very disapointing

    • If you mean whether content will work across games, I think that’s unlikely, especially from DI: Riptide to DI.

      There are very few hints in the game-saves telling us what each part of the data means, so there’s no way to guarantee support for Riptide before manually extracting the info once it comes out.

      If the file structure is identical, DISE *may* partly work with Riptide.

      I hope that there will not too many changes so that DISE can support Riptide without much effort. :)

    • The following is just for the record (problem solved).

      If you need to use multiple Steam accounts with DISE, you must update the game storage location after switching account. You can do this in DISE from (main menu) > Tools > Preferences. While you are signed into Steam, you can click “<” to retrieve the new location. After refreshing the character selection screen, you should see your saves. :)

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