List of Riptide inventory items

Some people requested a list of items, so here you go. You can add the items using “Add custom item”.


There is also a separate list of collectibles.

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  1. i have alot of inventory does it go with the dise how do i use usb to go from laptop 2 ps3 n vica versa
    im so confusedhowim suppose2save2my ps3 to keepall mymodded weapons and also i have a orange heavy duty riffle some 1gave me but has 33 bullets how do i put unlimited ammo bk on it plz n thank you 4 being here 2 help me it means alot ty

  2. is there any possible way to transfer all my weapons and all inventory from dead island riptide to dead island? i beat riptide and just started playing dead island as on riptide we get a sniper riffle but not on dead island can you help me out steffen r a manual r plz a step by step to use your d.is.e program editor i would appreciate so much thank you!

    • Hello Brenda,

      Thank you for your message!

      One way could be to open both saves (one DISE window for each), then select all of your items from the DI: Riptide-save by pressing Ctrl+A on your keyboard, then drag them over to the other save using the mouse.

      This may work because a lot of the weapons in DI are available in Riptide; however, not all of the Riptide-items are available in DI, and those items cannot be used in DI.

      You can do the same by exporting your inventory from the DI: Riptide-save to a file (main menu > File > Export > Inventory), then importing it into your DI-save (main menu > File > Import > Inventory).

      Please let me know if I can be of further assistance! :)

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