Release: DISE 0.1.2 and (Riptide)

Dual release this time! You can easily update from within DISE, or use these links for now:

v0.1.2 is the stable build, like before, without Riptide support. v0.1.2.1 has limited Riptide support. This means, the same features that are in the original game are mostly working, but most of the new in-game content (weapons, skills, etc) is not yet in DISE. Of course, it’s a new game, and even the old stuff may work differently in the new game.

Here’s how to switch between the stable build and the unstable Riptide build:

If the unstable build is too unstable for you, simply switch back to the main release channel. If DISE does not prompt to update/downgrade, go to (main menu) > Help > Check for updates.


  • Added option to let you switch release channels, and asks if you wish to switch over to early Riptide builds. The last update went a little wrong, so here is an improved one.
  • This is an early build that has limited support for Riptide. Most features work, but in-game content has not yet been put into DISE.
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  1. Hey steffen i need help so i have save file from program data and reloaded so open it and when i want to save it say couldnt save i view details it say please make sure file is not in use and i dunno why i dun have steam but other thing i get is error 183. :( help me plz

    • Sorry about that! I did some cleaning earlier and deleted the old Riptide downloads. If you need Riptide support, you can get the latest version. v0.1.2 (without Riptide support) is however back again now. :)

    • It would be nice if you could please explain this in detail; otherwise, it’s not helpful to anyone. :) Oh, and I believe it’s obvious enough that it’s not a trojan. :)

  2. Hey steffen, Can you tell me where the save file is?
    Im not using steam(my game is pirated), and for some reason I cant find the .sav for the mod tool…

  3. I hate what these guys did to Riptide, instead of a DLC (expansion pack), it’s another game. It’s like SR3 and SR4. SR4 is the same thing, just some VERY LITTLE changes. This is annoying, the gaming companies are going to hell and they don’t give a shit.

    At least independent and 3rd party devs like you are not corrupt…Yet.

    I suppose there’s nothing new actually, right? Just a new switch for riptide?

    Other than that, I also have a graphical bug, I’m probably the only one who has it. You already know some of my computer specs, Windows 7 64-bit, and of course I’m using a “Windows Old” theme. I think that is the problem.

    The graphical bug is when I go to Inventory, then try to change a weapon’s mod, and click on another weapon, I get a “ghost” effect of that mod menu.

    • I’m sorry, I’m afraid I don’t have the capacity to give special treatment. You can check a video on YouTube for almost any editor and do it pretty much the same way now. :)

  4. Awesome!! Thank you so much. This is an excellent program, and by the level of polish in your product, I can see you are an excellent coder.

    • You may have to locate them manually.
      If you have the game on Steam, the app ID *may* be different (change in Preferences). The app ID is in a file called steam_appid.txt where you installed the game.
      Please see if the comment below helps as well.

    • Don’t know if it is intended but latest version
      Works with game of the year edition. I download an early version bbecause it didn’t have riptide next to it and it didn’t work with Goty edition. Very happy works wonderful well done on an exceptional piece of freeware.

      P.s. I am Xbox 360 user on dead island

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