Release: DISE (Riptide)

If needed, get help with problematic updates.


  • Implemented (rocket) launcher ammo (reserves).
  • Fixed attempting to write section 106 to DI saves, causing a crash.
  • Fixed sniper rifle not being in the “Rifle” category.
  • Added new item categories on the inventory tab.
  • Fixed special ammo (nail, flare, harpoon) not showing up in the Ammo category.
  • Implemented new collectibles. Both on the Mods/Collectibles tab and the mod selector for weapons.
  • Fixed keyboard shortcut for toggling naming mode not working before opening the menu first.
  • Fixed text displayed if no weapon mod is used



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  1. This is for PS3. I can edit and change anything i want and alter anything on my save file, however, i can’t seem to get the PS3 to read the changes. I checked the save to make sure i was editing it and that all changes were saved and present upon reopening the application…needless to say they were. So how do i get the playstation to recognize the changes i made on the save editor, so that they load into the game? Basically, How to override the Save file in the saved data utility (PS3 folder) from the flash drive, as simply over riding is not working.

  2. I just want to start with a thank you ,for your hard work and fast fingers typing in all that code getting this new version out to us so quickly. It may seem like it has gone unappreciated but it definitely has not.Also Im playing from my xbox 360 using Sam B and it works great ,the only problem Ive had so far is that the weapons that I give myself are really low level weapons like I gave myself a Zeds Demise and its DPS was around 100 vs my other weapons that I earned in game that are hitting for 3500 . Im wondering if that is my fault because Im still learning how to use your product though. Thanks so much and I will be donating to you if I can for your awesome work !

  3. Will it be possible for this to work with PS3?
    If I extract the save file with 7zip the save editor reads the file correcty
    but im not sure how to recompress the save again after editing.
    Thankyou for any help.

  4. Hi, first of all sorry bout my english not main language. I used a lot your tool for the first dead island and that was awesome! so I wont hesitate to install this one.

    Anyway, i got a wierd bug on my save(before using this) and I was hoping I could fix with dise. When i finished the questline, instead of returning to cap 01 I’m inside the prologue again = so if i just play it normally I think i’ll lose all my weaps when I leave the ship.

    I tried to load my save on dise and changed it to cap 01 paradise, I saved it but when I try to load my game I’m still at the ship.

    This feature is not working yet or I did something wrong?
    And thanks a lot for working on this so fast after the game release =]

  5. yo u should add something that lets you literally make your own gun or at least add it like a barret 50 cal or AA12, guns like that…

  6. I want to personally thank you for this program. It has clearly made a lot of people happy. Unfortunately, I have recently traded my xbox for a PS3. Im happy with it, however i would like to know if you are still working to support The platform on a new update or anything at this point. :) not to rush the proses, but a LOT of people are ever so curious to see if it will be done. Much thanks my friend! :)

  7. I keep getting this “Unsupported File” thing. I’m loading it from my pc. dead island riptide/save/out/profiles/defaul.prr Is that even the file?

  8. Hey Steffen, is there a reason I can’t use the “Thrown weapons always return” function? I’ve tried maxing out every boomerang skill through the Editor (didn’t work) then I’ve tried to max out skills and then activate that option, still nothing.
    Other than that, awesome job, using it since it came out :D

    • Thank you! :)
      Skill tweaks have not been adapted or Riptide yet. The current unreleased version of DISE supports the new skill trees so that you can soon create that “tweak” manually using the Boomerang skills.

  9. So when could we expect to see a skill tree update? by the way you are a beast and legend of programming. thanks for getting this out so fast

  10. Love the tool, Ellipse just wasn’t cutting it and really didn’t want to buy the game for PC to mod my save on 360. Anyway quick question which might have been addressed but I didn’t see. Will there be a John Morgan skill tree available? Or is there a reason for it missing? In any case I really appreciate the hard work.

  11. a few things. first. you should leave an option to not ‘fix’ nail gun, flare and harpoon ammo showing up in the ammo. when it shows up as an inventory item, the ammo is unlimited. i mean, unlimited, not 5 trillion. the game fails to subtract the ammo in this category, and it means infinite flare, harpoon and nail. which is awesome.

    my editor has skill modifications working – it is almost the same as di. however, there is now error checking, kind of. for example, if you add level 100 volatile, the game will now subtract that from your skill points spent. so if you are level 10, you will now have -90 skills to spend and never get to spend anything. however, in the game, volatile will only give you -15% to rage needed. however, you can add multiple people’s volatile – so purna’s, logan’s, samb and this is cumulative. but the skill points are all deducted correctly. other skills such as tackle will work, my purna can sprint tackle people. the file structure is the same, you have x1 00 a1 00 x2 00 a2 where xn is the skill number and a1 is the skill quantity.

  12. How do I become a licensed user? It will not allow me to put melee weapons into my inventory until I become one? help needed…great programing through

  13. I also want to thank you for having this editor out so quickly. Love both of your programs. And a beast at programing… your program Makes me feel like a Zombie God among mear zombie men…

  14. John’s skill tab just blank, all others are fine but in John’s nothing. Is that only happening to me or is it known thing? Thank you btw.

    • That is fine
      I have 300/16

      Also Steffen when will the skills be implemented that is the most important thing right now, adding collectibles is not such a big thing because when you play the game like it is suppose to be played you get all crafting items anyway.

      Please have the skills working I want the boomerang to work 100% for logan without glitching :(

  15. Hey Steffen, great editor I have been using since the first Dead Island. Something you may want to know. I gave myself all the collectibles: mods, postcards, guide pages, secret files, and recordings. But didn’t get the achievement for it on XBox.

    • Thank you! :)

      I’m afraid that this behavior is to be expected, since it’s common for games to trigger achievements through means designed for the game. If you suddenly just have everything, then the game doesn’t need to check if you have them (or the achievement) anymore, and thus it will never trigger the achievement.

      Sometimes, all you have to do is give yourself everything except one, then gain that one thing in the game as you normally would.

  16. Long time user, first time poster – just wanted to say a big “Thank You” for getting this riptide version out so fast, this program is fantastic. Appreciated.

  17. Steffen you said you fixed “Special ammo (nail, flare, harpoon) not showing up in the Ammo category” etc. What does that mean exactly? How do I give flaregun and nailgun unlimited ammo without the game crashing? Example: 99999999/7 Xbox 360?

    • If you want to give your nail gun unlimited ammo (nearly unlimited) just put in about 9999999 into the qty/ammo field when looking at the weapon. This works really well with the rocket launcher and the M60 (which turns out when loaded is a pistol which fires a few hundred rounds a minute).

  18. I haven’t tested this one yet, but the one for the first is epic. It is so detailed and so much easier than hex editing everything. I will proudly test anything you make.

  19. Found a bug. If you click a storage item and then click an item in your inventory, both items will stay highlighted. So if you edit the statistics of the item, both items are edited.

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