Support for Riptide

I’ve received lots of questions about Riptide, and I’ve done my best to not answer them officially. Now, I can finally confirm that I’ll be working on supporting Riptide in DISE itself.

The file format is almost the same; just a few changes and additions for Riptide.

Game-saves for the Steam copy of the game have the file extension “sar” rather than “sav”, but nothing’s different about the compression. For some reason, the game’s app ID is the same (in my case) as the first game game (why, when it’s a different game?). Because of this, the saves are stored in the same folder, and I guess that’s one reason why they chose “sar” to not conflict with the old naming. May I guess that the “r” simply stands for “Riptide”?

DISE and Riptide

DISE v0.0.55.34 doesn’t support Riptide at all since the file format is a bit different. I’ll release v0.1 soon, but I’ve only just started working on Riptide. It may be better to keep a stable version of DISE, and an unstable one for Riptide, so I’ll need to find a way to do this properly.

I’ll give out a bit more info in the coming days. :)

Trainer and Riptide (PC only)

Someone on the chat mentioned a trainer for Riptide, and allegedly, it costs money as well. As long as one can try it first, I don’t have much to say; however, mine will always be free, and I think this is enough to motivate me to support Riptide. :)


Maybe not, but at least it’s proof that I’m doing something. :)

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  1. it would be great if this gets ps3 support as every ps3 can now use every save with the ps3 savegame resigner.

    a sample ps3 riptide save with dev weapon is here (from gamefaqs) :

  2. I am a newbie to this but I have extracted the save_0 and Downloaded the DISE and when trying to open get unsupported file. I used Horizon to extract my save. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  3. cannot wait for the next save editor im currently playing riptide on my jtag with the trainer function but these mods can never compare to dise’s mods

  4. Will the Riptide editor also have support for the xbox 360 like your excellent DISE did? I know it’s morely so for PC’s but DISE worked pretty flawlessly on the xbox 360 (For the most part). Also thank you. I will donate again when you release the Riptide editor.

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