DISE for Riptide: Things that do not work well yet: weapon proficiency skills, maps, and possibly more.

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If DISE is stuck trying to update, run this command in Command Prompt.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Release: DISE 0.1.4 (Riptide)

If DISE crashes during updating, please send crash report! Thank you! :)

After you've done that, you may temporarily fix the problem.


  • Enabled logging and debug info. Will hopefully help when people send crash reports after updating fails. Please send the report if DISE crashes! :)
  • Fixed issue with updating skill tweaks UI when re-opening saves.
  • Fixed minor issue where skill images would disappear after importing skills.
  • Support exporting/importing unknown skills. Breaks compatibility with older versions of DISE. You can still import old files with this version of DISE.


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  1. Anybody Tested the critical skill ?? plz tell me if works :)

    1. 100% critical chance skill tweak? Last time I tried (for Riptide), it worked for me. If it doesn't work for you, could you please share your save with me? Thanks :)

  2. i keep getting a error when saving that an error occurred while syncing, saying the flied does not appear to be in your steam account game storage folder.
    need help

    1. It may be related to the app ID. Please see the screenshot in this post and make sure the IDs are as shown:

  3. well to be honest, this save editor work like charm... nothing go wrong and everything work 100%.. critical hits, health everything.. really awesome.. but i hope if you making more update soon, please apply more value to skill upgrade, currently is 16, please increase it if it possible.. thank you.. you're awesome :D

  4. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MOD THE HARPOON GUN WITH ANY TYPE OF FLAMING MOD... The game crashes non stop till you remove the gun

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  6. Hello, I came across your website in hope to find some program which could help me to fix my game progress. Here is the issue. I've spent many hours to finish the first Dead Island game and today, I've finished the second Dead Island Riptide. I was playing everything in singleplayer. Now, I was trying to play multiplayer BUT now that I finished the game, it will not let me continue where I finished, the game says I need to start over again from the chapter 1 - on the ship. The problem is that after this, you automatically lose everything you had before, and also since you are playing from the beginning, you can't fast travel to other places and such, which is crucial in order to fully enjoy the multiplayer. I was looking for something in your utility to fix this issue, but I'm kinda confused about all those functions and I'm not sure where to look and if it's even possible to do. Could you help me with this please? Thanks in advance!

  7. password???