Frequently asked questions

What is DISE? What can I do with it?

DISE (Dead Island Save Editor) is a game-save editor/changer/modifier for the game Dead Island. The goal is to be able to make changes to things like your skills, quests, inventory and such.

How do I change a weapon’s base stats/attributes?

Unfortunately, it’s highly experimental because the game performs several calculations that are yet to figure out. The only thing you can do is copy the value from other weapons or try something random.

Can play online with my modded save?

Yes, but I hope people won’t be abusive towards other players. :)

Can I get VAC-banned from using an edited game-save?

If you don’t use Steam, you don’t need to sync. If you do, make sure that the app ID in DISE is set correctly (in Tools > Preferences) as seen in your <game dir>\steam_appid.txt file.

If you’re running Steam as Administrator, please make sure that you do the same with DISE. Also make sure to use the latest version of DISE and the latest version of Steam. If syncing breaks after updating Steam, I suggest that you contact me.

Steam and/or DISE crashes when trying to sync

  • If you update Steam after a release of DISE, features related to Steam may be broken. You must either use an older Steam client, or DISE must be updated.
  • Try to change the backup folder location in Tools > Preferences, to somewhere other than the same place as your saves, such as on the desktop.

Does DISE work with Dead Island version x?

DISE should work with all versions but I recommend updating the game to the latest version.

Does/Will DISE support PlayStation 3?

Yes, DISE has FULL* support for PS3 saves! Game Genie is NOT required! :)

* Since game-saves for Dead Island (not Riptide) are copy-protected, you cannot retrieve your saved games from your PS3 unless it’s “jailbroken”. Game Genie has NO support for Dead Island at all, only Dead Island: Riptide.

Can I use DISE / sync while the game is running? (PC)

The game would overwrite the modified save when you reach a checkpoint/close the game, so you should close the game before using the editor.

Can I use DISE from a portable device?

Yes! Create a file called portable in the same folder as dise.exe. User preferences will be stored in userpref.dat.

I lost my license key! Do I have to contribute/donate again?

No need to do that. If you have an account in my Contribution Center, please find your key there.

If not, please sign up and tell me the username/e-mail address for this account, and whichever details you can remember from your old license, or the e-mail address I sent your key to, so that I can find you.

After this, I’ll add your old license to your account so that we both can keep track of your license more easily. :)

Does/Will DISE support Dead Island: Ripide?

Yes, DISE supports Riptide right now!

Will I need a new license key for Riptide?

DISE supports both games, and can use your old key.

My computer freezes!

Since DISE runs in userland (not kernel-land), it should not be possible for DISE to completely freeze a healthy computer on its own. Still, I’ve seen such reports saying that the computer freezes just as DISE was opened.

It’s puzzling but I’m keeping an eye on anti-virus/malware programs.

If this happens to you, please send me an e-mail and attach a report made with Speccy (system info tool). For your information, the reports are of course confidential, and I have no interest in anything but the info I need to find the cause of the problem. Still, feel free to remove any personal info.

Can I unlock trophies/achievements?


The following achievements can be unlocked using the Mods/Collectibles tab in DISE by selecting guide pages, secret files, tapes, postcards and diary parts:

Achievement What to do
Mystery solved Select all of the secret files.
Professional Tourist Select all of the guide pages.
NewsJunkie? Select all of the tapes.
The Collector Select at least half of the items.
The Hoarder Select everything.