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This page describes how to install DISE on Windows 10. Please download DISE onto your computer first if you haven't done so already.

If Windows blocks you from running the setup program to protect your computer, this happens because the setup program is not digitally signed. As long as the SHA-256 hash of the file matches the hash found on the DISE website then it is safe to tap "More info" and run it anyway.

If you are using a shared computer with limited access, you can install it only for your Windows user account; otherwise you can install it for all users.

Choose the components you wish to install. A typical or complete install is recommended for the best user experience.

If you are upgrading DISE and wish to start fresh, you can tick the option to delete the preferences that were set before in DISE.

At the end of the installation, you can launch DISE before existing the installer, from the start menu under the folder "Steffen L".


  • Using zip archive.
  • Portable mode.