Server status as of 2014-07-24 04:30 (UTC)

Server migration complete; Contribution Center is operational. If you're unable to access it, please try again in a few hours. You can also try to run the following command in Command Prompt, then restart your browser: ipconfig /flushdns

DISE is out for testing!

DISE for Riptide: Things that do not work well yet: weapon proficiency skills, maps, and possibly more.

Live chat: Sorry, I don't have the capacity to answer everyone timely at the moment. Please send e-mail instead.

If DISE is stuck trying to update, run this command in Command Prompt.


Virus/Malware warnings: The downloads I post are safe. Please check the hashes if you're in doubt.

[main downloads currently not available for listing; please see front page, right below "Messages"]

3rd party stuff