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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Release: Alpha 1

Dead Island Save Editor for the PC version of the game. Eventually, there will be support for Xbox 360 as well.

Before you download this, you should know a few things:
  • Please open your *.sav file in the editor (for example save_0.sav).
  • I have only tested game-saves that were saved with the 1.2 version of the game. Feel free to send saves that do not work to my e-mail address, and let me know which version of the game it is! :)
  • Alpha does not even quality as beta. It's that early!
  • Only a few of the planned features are implemented (so far).
  • ... Which may not even work at all.
  • I have not really done extensive quality testing, but testing/bug reporting is not really the goal this time.
  • If you have issues with your game-saves loading/saving in the editor or game, please contact me. Otherwise, maybe it's something I am working on for the next release. :)
  • Please don't give yourself a million items and XP and complain to me if your game crashes because of that. But hey, feel free to try! (o゜▽゜)o
Alpha 1 features
  • Edit cash, ammo and XP.
  • Browse some available weapons, items for crafting, etc.
  • Add items to your inventory (more items to come later).
  • When saving, your current game-save will be backed up as *.sav.bak. It will be replaced if you save again, so please be careful.
Current main features that do not work yet
  • Item categories.
  • Equipping items.
  • Edit inventory.
  • Edit skills.

A few more screenshots
The "About" dialog box.

Preview of the save (yes, not finished).
Inventory (same as before)

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