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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Alpha 15 delayed (silly problems solved)

Update: Poco::NamedEvent solved all of my problems. :D

This post is mostly about C++, the boost library, named mutexes and wxWidgets.

I often find myself having stupid/silly issues when writing code. This time, boost::named_mutex doesn't seem to work with wxWidgets or something, but works without wxWidgets. Perhaps it's something else, I don't know.

I posted my problem on StackOverflow, so if you know anything about this, I would appreciate whatever help I can receive to just get this job done and release alpha 15. :D

New in alpha 15 (when I solve that problem):
  • Improved typing numbers into spin controls (cash, ammo, etc)
  • Quick slots are implemented
  • Clone items in inventories (hold Ctrl while dragging and dropping) (only one item at a time for now, and no re-ordering of items yet)
  • Improved updating process


  1. I suggest to try another Gui. Did you tried Qt?

  2. Oh yeah, I really like Qt. Just not that you have to release your source code or pay a lot if you intend to statically link Qt. :( Thanks for the suggestion! :)