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Friday, October 14, 2011

Easier method to find sections in game-saves

If you use Hex Workshop (like I), you can use my bookmarks. It locates and highlights sections 65 to 69 (hex) or 101 to 105 (dec). Just click on the section you want (in the list in the bottom-right corner).




  1. What file is this? It looks completely different than my standard two save files.

  2. Just scrolled all the way to the bottom. Should look similar at the top! :)

  3. thank you. kind of difficult to see new posts and keep a running dialogue here.

  4. minor: I understand why there is a captcha, but it is frustrating everytime.

  5. Oh.. I thought the captcha was there for only anonymous comments. :O

  6. Can you upload this again? It's not online.

    Hex editing is giving me headaches T_T (never did it before)

    1. Oh, sorry! I finally found the file again, but it's not the exact same one. I had only changed the descriptions a bit, though. Still, this is just for finding the sections in the file, so I'm not sure if it will help you that much. >.<

    2. ODD... my savegame is fixed XD (not sure what did I do...) But I'm lvl 1 at chapter 14 hahahaha.

      I'll try and see if I can edit my Level. Where can I reach you via email if I need help? Every time I tried to edit a savegame it got corrupted :(

    3. It works T___T... I love your savegame editor, SAVED my SP game!

    4. Ooh, if it worked, I'm so happy for you! Thank you! :D
      This is where you can contact me whenever you need to: