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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Release: Alpha 6

Some more basic features are implemented now.

  • Inventory
    • Items' upgrade level can be changed (still not for modded weapons, though).
    • Easily upgrade all items with a single click.
    • Exclude "Fists" from the list.
    • Ctrl+A selects all items.
    • Some UI improvements



  1. Hi.. great work, but i need replace area to load game. I have chapter 14 and after one multiplayer gamming is loading in chapter 6 and 36% progres.. so its loadin in jugle but with chapter 6 and it fall everytimes.. some solution? pls help. Thanks

  2. Thank you! Please e-mail me. :)

  3. I still get corruption errors on this. I got my money changed once but if I add any bullets, or modify any item count I get a save corrupted. Am I missing a step or something?

  4. Do you use Steam? (Please e-mail me, so that we can try to resolve it outside of the blog commenting area.) :)

  5. Update: I have written suggestions for saves appearing to be corrupted: