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Friday, October 7, 2011

Release: Alpha 8

Phew. After some silly problems (with moving items between lists), as well as changing a few internal things, I guess it paid off in the end. I just hope that I didn't break something important. :)

What's new?
  • Some UI changes, as well as other things for the future.
  • Jin's inventory is separate from your own inventory now. Just click inside the inventory list you want to add an item to (however, adding items is still experimental).
  • Move items between Jin's inventory and your own. Currently just one item at a time. It's not perfect yet, but it appears to work, for now. :)



  1. Is there a way to change the item's level? :3

  2. Hi! I started researching on that today, and I did find something that allows increasing and decreasing the item's level. I don't understand completely how it works yet, but I can still implement something basic. :)