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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Steam Cloud support in DISE

I have been playing a bit with Open Steamworks, so that I can perhaps implement automatic sync'ing of your game-saves. If it all works out, you should (hopefully) have no more problems with "corrupted" and missing game-saves with Steam! The first tests look promising! :D


  1. I haven't had a problem with this because I shut down steam and restart it after every edit.

  2. And with this integrated, shouldn't have to anymore! :D

  3. Steffen i love you work but is there a way so that we will ever be able to use the stationary machine gun because everytime i try to shoot it my game crashes and thanks for the most recent bugs u have fix. =D

    1. Sorry for the delay. :( It's possible to use it by modding the game's internals (but don't ask me how), not in the game-save.

  4. please help me. I was playing dead island for hours i gave the game error when I went gave an error in the steam cloud told me to store the files on my computer or steam I clicked on the computer there when I opened my dead island not save tava over it, had returned everything I've done please help send an email:


      This is my contact page. If you choose to e-mail me, could you please explain it a again, a bit more carefully? Thank you. :)

      If I understood you:
      You played the game and closed it. Steam had connectivity problems and could not sync your save. You chose to continue without syncing (store it only on your computer).

      This should be okay when you play on the same computer next time, since it will sync next time.

      If you play on a different computer after doing this, I can understand if problems could arise if your latest save was not synced before, but maybe I misunderstood you.

      At this point, I'm afraid I'm not clear on what you mean. :(