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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Release: Alpha 39

I think that some of you will like this release! :)

Semi-geek alert
Also, I really hope that you won't get a file integrity error like with the last update. I attempted to improve the update download process to hopefully make it more reliable.. I think I did an alright job.

Then, as I was looking into why the downloads were corrupted after downloading them, I noticed that the MD5 hash was still wrong after my wonderful attempt to fix/improve it. How come?

After my efforts, I went into my database and saw that it was indeed wrong. In the database, I mean. I had swapped the hash with a different one. ( ̄。 ̄;)

What's new
  • Move/Copy items from one game-save to another! Open DISE for each of your game-saves, then simply drag & drop items between them. :) Move = drag & drop, Copy = Ctrl + drag & drop. It's best to scroll all the way up if you select multiple items, or just select one at a time (limitation by virtual list controls, and even MS Excel has this limitation).
  • Preferences dialog can be resized (workaround if your computer is setup to use big fonts/high DPI).
  • Improved the update downloading process. Let's see if it defeats bad downloads (when I haven't accidentally swapped the hashes).
  • Fixed/Improved: If you have the game on Steam, the game storage location (game-saves and profiles) is saved automatically when DISE starts. This way, you won't need to open Steam first the next time you start DISE.

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