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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Release: Alpha 40

Yay for increasing the release number! It's easy to just bump it up and keep track of less numbers. I guess someone else thinks so, too, with Chrome 16. Wait, I thought it was 14, then 15 just moments ago. Oh well!

What's new
  • Fixed a bug introduced in alpha 38. If you didn't have a game-save open before clicking OK in Preferences, DISE would crash. Let's hope I didn't break anything else! (^o^)/


  1. I was able to open DISE once and set the directories for 'out' folder, but now when I try to open the EXE, nothing happens... Please help.

  2. I have replied to your e-mail. If anyone else has the same problem, please try to clear the folder in the registry for now:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Steffen L\Dead Island Save Editor\Folders\GameStorageLocation.

  3. ive been curious, how exactly does the health mod work? aha, i play on xbox and ive never noticed any changes in my health whether im just slightly or dramatically increasing it. Enemies still do the same damage to me.

  4. I would say that it's kind of useless, since you can't really change it to anything higher than your max health. :(

  5. How can i make the Weapons stronger ?

    1. Hello! The only ways I know of are these:
      - Modify your skills or use skill tweaks (Weapon damage boost).
      - Modify each weapon and increase the req. level, rareness and use the "Good" preset for the attributes. Certain mod blueprints will also help.
      - Modify the internals of the game.