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Monday, December 26, 2011

Release: Alpha 44

I chose to skip the official release of alpha 43 so that everyone receives this update. :)

Some of you may have been affected by the trouble I had just now, and more of you will unfortunately not be able to receive further updates if you're on alpha 42 or pre-43. The only thing I can do is apply a hack on the server which will crash your alpha 42/pre-43... Can't say I feel tempted, even if I want you to know to check the blog. :(

However, there's new, cool stuff in this release! :D

What's new
  • Export/Import inventory to/from file.
  • Export/Import game progress to/from file (experimental).  Please tell me if something important is missing when you find out (assuming you will).
  • Added map/location/spawn point/active quest to Preview tab (no proper text yet though, and it's read-only).
  • Improved error detection on updates.
  • Suppressed silly error message after updating, when everything went alright after all.
  • Minor improvements/changes.
  • From pre-alpha-43:
    • "Fixed" a crash when trying to open files from the menu. I am not even sure what caused it in the first place. I didn't touch the code, and it still fixed itself after I tried many things.
    • Some minor changes.
Exported inventory & game progress
The file is exported as XML. Please see the contents to see exactly which information is stored. Please note that the info stored there may change.

Since I am not able to read quest progress data 100% correctly yet, I just dump the raw data. Therefore, it cannot be converted to a different format (PC -> Xbox 360). It is safe to try however.


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