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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Skills icon pack

The icons are based on the ones on

Simply extract the archive to where you placed dise.exe. The icons should be in assets\skills\images.




  1. Thanks Steffen, awesome release.

    It's a shame the icons aren't coloured, and there's no tool-tip for each skill.

    But great release regardless, thank you!

  2. Thanks! :) If you could elaborate a bit, maybe I would be able to improve it. :)

  3. What I meant was if the icons were red/coloured just like in the game.

    And when you hover the mouse cursor over each skill icon, a toolip tells you what each skill does.

  4. I'll definitely see what I can do about the tool tips. :)

    The only colors I have in my game are these:
    Black - unlocked skill
    Gray - locked skill
    Red - circle around the icon

  5. You are right Steffen there is no colored icons... the only colors are the green lines that make a circle around the icon when you make 3/3 and a red circle around it.

  6. I see, RiverseiBR! Maybe Anon. is using a 3rd party mod. :o If so, I wonder which one it is.