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Monday, January 16, 2012

Release: Trainer r4

Update: Replaced the old version with a new one that supports Windows XP and Vista.

What's new
  • Infinite flashlight
  • Unbreakable weapons. Will be fully repaired as well when using them.
  • Changed numpad hotkeys to the F-keys so that it's easier for people who don't have a numpad.


  1. @Steffen: Everytime that I run the trainer, I got the following message: "Couldn't register hotkey." Why???

  2. Ooh. Does this happen with the previous releases? Do you have any programs that uses the keys already for hotkeys?

  3. Could you please e-mail me as well? Thanks. Would help me a lot if you were willing to try a special build to see what's wrong. :)

  4. Yes, with version #3 also gives this error message (I'm using v4 now!). My DI version is 1.3.0. I really enjoyed your DISE! :D

  5. If you wish, you can e-mail me, then I'll get a special version ready which says a bit more about the error instead of just "Couldn't register hotkey."

    You can also try to run it as Administrator, but I never had to.

  6. Sorry, but you want to say that I should take a screenshot of of error message? Is that it?

  7. I just mean that I could make a version of the trainer that details the error. It happens when it couldn't register a hotkey, such as Ctrl + F1. :)