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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Release: Alpha 52

The assets package has been updated to include icons for Ryder's skill tree! Please find it on the download page. :)
  • Fixed DISE failing to start/restart an instance of itself if the EXE path had spaces in it (e.g. after updating, restarting would fail).
  • Everywhere the game storage location is retrieved from Steam, your custom App ID will be used if you changed it (so you don't need to fix the App ID anymore in the location).
  • Added support for Ryder:
    • Skill trees
    • Change level from 0 up to 30
  • Fixed the UI not updating when subtracting skill points.
  • Added map texts from the Ryder White DLC.
  • Several other less visible improvements and fixes.
  • Syncing works on Steam clients built on Feb 3 to current (Feb 8).



  1. Replies
    1. After syncing as well? Please explain how to make it corrupted so that I can try it. Thanks.

    2. I just assumed that you plan on the PC and use Steam, since it's more likely to happen then.

    3. Oh, that's what causes it? I didn't know. How do you use it if you have Steam, then?

    4. Wait, nevermind, didn't read the full post. Stupid me.

    5. It shouldn't become corrupted. I meant that if you don't sync with Steam, it may show as corrupted (when it isn't). There are other workarounds here:

  2. Hello
    Tell me in the game files in folders with no files "sav" to edit them dise
    where to find them?