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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Release: Alpha 54 (only fixes syncing)

I managed to use the code from alpha 53 and copied the missing parts from the latest code. Syncing works again, and I haven't experienced any crashes. Please report any unusual errors if you haven't reported them already.

I'm still not finished with the next real release (having some decision problems at the moment).

What's new
  • Nothing this time (not even bugfixes). Only restores the sync feature.


  1. Replies
    1. It works for me. Maybe you can try again?

  2. Hi,
    Yeah I got someone else to do it. Seems to be my
    internet stopping it.

    Problem now is I can't sync the saved file I think
    probably because of my internet. ARGH!! :(

    1. Right, after retrying syncing it - It goes through and ends up on

      Should I just click cancel one that is showing? :)

      Or is it meant to carry on itself and end?

    2. Interesting. It normally closes by itself. I've seen someone else having the same problem before so I'll note this down and check it out later. Does it happen every time?

    3. Oh, and it's safe to "cancel" it since it's already finished. :)

  3. I could always help with decisions :)

    1. I appreciate it very much, Mary! Thank you! It's just that it's technical. Related to the online web service, the database, software updating system, etc.

  4. how to do damage for the guns ? because my guns are at 0 damage help plyzz ;(