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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Release: DISE

In the post for the previous release, I said that the max skill points (for the free edition) for 1-rank skills was -7 to +7, but I had somehow gotten that wrong. I meant original max ± 7, meaning -8 to +8 for 1-rank skills, and -10 to +10 for 3-rank skills. I have updated the post. :)

Edit: Immortality is slightly broken. You know how it is.. Fixing one bug creates 10 more? (I was joking). I will see to fixing this embarrassing bug as quickly as I can.

  • Import/Export skills.
  • Fixed a few skill tweaks which had the wrong amount of points.
  • Fixed saving and loading of skill points with negative values.
  • Chainsaw works! The condition was previously set to -1 when it should have been between 0 and max.
MD5: bd03087c80f4edeb46c7be346e3d5670
SHA1: 4966e451904ac72c9058dd297e6672605cd3b04d

Assets package (maps and extra icons)

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