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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Release: DISE (fix 1)

I'm very happy this time because I managed to fix a problem which I have known about for a long time (since the beginning, actually)! :D

  • Fix for adding items: Req.level and rareness is not included in the attributes value.
  • You can finally edit things in your inventory without hitting the Enter-key first (or making the text box lose focus). Because of a window event ordering problem, new items were selected before changes were realized, and the changes would thus be discarded.
  • Changes in fix 1:
    • Some skill tweaks wouldn't be enabled properly if some of the skills in it had enough points already.
MD5: d04e58feadcffc62354709715975b646
SHA1: 91876ba9bfa124f38b68a78d9b69a3fb550eeecd

Assets package (maps and extra icons)


  1. I've just discovered this yesterday and I must say, it works great! Looking at the fixes, I can see that even using this may have proven to be annoying or a pain in the ass, but this version seems smooth so far(not that I've just discovered this yesterday and have only used this for about 30 mins). The only thing that I want to say is that the weapons / inventory editor could use a little work (mainly weapons :3). It could really use a feature that allows you to edit the damage and what not (weapon attributes) to your liking...IN the program. Only method I found in which you can edit the weapon is through the randomization option, HEX, or completely changing the way the game sees the weapon(by this, I mean editing the inventory.scr). I would like to see something in DISE where you can edit the weapon itself to your liking, not the game to make the weapon what you want, or having to resort to another program / learning a completely new thing to do this (HEX). Another thing I'd like to see is tips on what the mods do, the weapon mods. There's just so much, it's easy to confuse them all. When editing weapons, sometimes people like to include mods to increase the weapon damage, often mistaking what mod does what and can throw the game all out of whack. Maybe try adding a description window or something of that nature to help explain what the mods do and what weapons they are meant for? Other then having to scour all over the internet to figure out what mod does what and compatible with what weapons and the things mentioned above, this works just fine :P

    1. Thank you very much! :D

      I agree with many things!

      I have thought about the thing regarding mods. The name prefix will be different than what the mod is called, making even harder. One of my ideas are to add a way to type in text to filter the results, but it would be good to display more info, especially the mod's name *and* weapon name prefix. I also agree that a description would be good. I will give it some more thought. :)

      Regarding weapon attributes.. Have you seen a program which can actually edit the damage and such accurately? Or is there a tutorial for doing it manually (hex editing)? It's one of the puzzling parts for me because it seems to be impossible to do it accurately from a save editor (without modding the game's internal files). If someone knows how it works, I would definitely like to learn how. :)

    2. Your welcome :)

      Oh, then my ideas may have not been so out of this world after all xD

      Mhm, I see....this was alot more complicated then I thought ^_^" Well, I'm sure you'll think of something. It's just that it easy to mistaken all those mods in terms of what they do and for what weapon they are made for. Take for example the high voltage mod and the lightning mod; they are essentially the same thing, they deal the same damage (elemental damage) and such, but 1 is for blunt weapons and the other for sharp or bladed weapons. Mix and match 1 of these and you are in a world of game crashes and headaches. No need to go all out, just a little explanation of what mod does what and for what weapon would be nice; but again, I'm sure you'll think of something :P

      Not for Dead Island specifically, but I have had experience with editing weapon damage and such in Borderlands, this is where I kinda came up with this idea of a weapon editor IN the save editor because the Borderlands save editor that I used back when I still played Borderlands had that. It didn't necessarily edit weapon damage specifically, but you were able to edit the weapon PARTS which CONTROLLED how accurate / powerful / etc. the weapon was as that's how the game generated the weapon and that's how the game determined how powerful the weapon was, through it's parts. So maybe that could help you a bit in your investigation on this matter. I haven't really tried HEX on editing weapons on Dead Island myself, but I've read accounts that it has been accomplished. It was HEX editing the character's FISTS to do a insane amount of damage (I believe), try looking it up. I've came across the forum threat about how to do this several times when researching how to edit the weapons with this save editor. Maybe this may help narrow down your investigation as well. :3

    3. Thank you! :) Yes, definitely not out of this world! :)

      Looking at it (the mod browser/selector) myself right now, I realize it's almost junk at the moment. Mostly joking. xD

      I'm afraid DI saves work differently. The whole value is a 32-bit number (or 4 bytes). Out of those 32 bits, I've identified only 10 of them. The remaining 22 bits change the weapon's value, damage, etc (at least). Changing just a small part doesn't necessarily change only one stat. I am pretty sure that the game randomizes the stats a bit as well in-game, so the changes you do are not necessarily 100% consistent. :(

    4. Lmao, well you're the author of this, so can't question your judgment / call / etc. :3

      Yes, I am aware of this as Dead Island is entire code based. Borderlands used weapon parts to determine the power / quality of the weapon, but you still had the option to hex. Hexing granted the option to edit the weapon in any way you wanted so long as you knew what you were doing, but most people just used it to edit the level of the weapon :3 And because we are dealing with coding here, hexing is the way to go (going on blind accusations :P)! Maybe it may help you in determining what the other 22 bits do :S Whatever the case, we weapon editors only look for a way to get the best out of what we have, so you may not have to figure out all 32 bits, just enough to be able to edit a weapon's damage, durability, range, and level (you know, the "core" stuff :P). Despite having said that, I STILL believe that I am askign for too much ^_^" xD

    5. I managed to lose my whole reply earlier, so here's a bit shorter rewrite.

      Since I'm not only making DISE for myself, I think everyone should come with ideas when they have some! I'm just one person working on DISE, but I still think many things can be improved. :D

      I truly wish it was easier, but for now, I have kind of given up on it. I've tried several times, and people have even tried to help cracking it. I had the impression that leaving he value at 0 and changing the req. level and color, would give the best stats.. But after recently trying (yet again), I was proven wrong. Also, changing even one single bit can change at least 1-2 stats at the same time. :)

    6. Oh, and and the change is either for the better or worse. xD

  2. Lol, yea... I had to rewrite my reply as well xD

    I see where you're going with this, but as an author, you stress over the things that others wouldn't. You are able to see what others can not, and that is why I say that we can't question your "judgement" :P

    Makes sense. I would have given up from the very beginning, it's nice to see that you went that far xD Given the difficulties, why not just release what you have, SAY that it is incomplete but that it is open for experimentation? Pass down what you know and allow DISE's users to figure out what you couldn't. Those brave enough, those who have an undying urge to edit and mod will try it otherwise, so why not let them? :P This way, we can somewhat edit the weapons all the while we do the testing and experimenting for you? :3 Can't hurt to try, I mean professional scientists turned what they couldn't figure out into a game and the gamers were able to solve what they couldn't for them; maybe this could fit in this situation as well? :D

    1. Ah, I see what you mean! :D

      I am not really hiding anything. What you see in the "attributes" box is what I have. I recently excluded the req. level and rareness, so that what's left is the remaining 22 bits. The things I can imagine that could help other modders, is showing the value in in hex and binary form and allow editing them as well in those forms.

      I'm really open for doing something about it but I don't think there's much I can do. I even thought about adding one or two sliders but I think they would be too small to make it sensible (unless they use the full width of the main window.

  3. all my fire arms and some melee weapons have 0 damadge and everything how do i fix that and what are the hashes for im kind of a noob with save game editor

    1. May I look at your game-save? In recent versions of DISE, I have tried to reduce the chances for making weapons with 0 damage, but since all of your firearms have that problem, I would very much like to look at your game-save. If you will let me, please go to my Support/Contact page and e-mail it to me. :)

  4. can u make free non premium make the total ammo to 1000. is not increase ur weapon clip it just ammo just make large.

    1. Not a bad idea! :) I'll see what I can do. :)

    2. Please see the latest release now. :)

  5. can someone tell me how to edit weapon damage?

    1. Hello! I'm afraid it's not possible (as far as I know) without modding the game's internals. What you can do is change the required level, rareness attributes value and such. Of course, you can also use the skill tweak(s) in DISE that boosts weapon damage overall. :)