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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Expired domain, news inside DISE

One of the domain names I don't plan to use anymore ( has just expired, and DISE can't display news.

It's unfortunate that DISE still tries to use that domain, and I'm sorry for letting you see that.

There's nothing interesting in the News area now except for advertisements and such; however, I will update the domain name in the next update for DISE so that news appear as usual again.

Thank you!


  1. i want map update

  2. Why do I keep on geting this dise 1.7.3 Expired domain, news inside DISE

  3. Why can't my usb connect to the save editor???

    1. Do you see any error messages in DISE?

  4. Hey, first thank u for this great programm!!
    2. What number i have to put in to get the best weapon damage?
    3. i'm in god mode i don't take any damage, how can i change it back?

    Thank u

  5. Any chance of another awesome save editor when Dead Island 2 comes out?