A new experimental version of DISE is in the works with support for Definitive Edition, PS4 using Save Wizard and various other improvements. Check out the new DISE Discord server for downloads and discussion.

If DISE is stuck trying to update, run this command in Command Prompt.


A list of features I plan to implement in the editor.
The list will be incomplete until I can fill it up with the things I have in mind and already have implemented.

Red means not started yet.
Yellow means work-in-progress, not complete or experimental.
Green means complete.
  • Edit/Respec/Reset skills
  • Change level/XP, cash, ammo
  • Heal up and refill rage charge
  • Edit items in inventory (base parameters are yet to be figured out, but play with the "attributes" field for now)
  • Change character type/class
  • Repair/Fix game-saves. Tries to restore some quest progress, but it's not guaranteed to work. You can also import progress from different game-saves.
  • Edit inventory (including Jin's/storage) and move/copy items between them.
  • Move/Copy items to a different game-save.
  • Add new items
  • Assign weapons to quick slots
  • Edit chapter and quest progress. I understand some of this but I could use some help with figuring out the rest.
  • Add/Remove weapon mods/blueprints, ID cards, news, tapes
  • Filter items by categories
  • Search through items you can add
  • Load game-saves for Xbox 360
  • Load already decompressed game-saves
  • View items' name using their technical or friendly name
  • User preferences
  • Auto-updating
  • View/Edit/Reset challenge progress
  • Reveal map
  • Steam Cloud syncing (no more "corrupted" and disappearing game-saves)
  • Sort items + save the order
  • Export/Import inventory
  • Export/Import game progress/quests
  • Export/Import skills
  • Apply mods to weapons in the inventory
  • Create the items needed for modding a weapon
  • Repair all items
  • Unlock chapters
  • Make weapons unbreakable
  • View info about mod blueprints (stats, required/base items)
  • Skill tweaks/presets