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If DISE is stuck trying to update, run this command in Command Prompt.


Want to help translating DISE into your language? You can! :D
Right now, languages from the game are included, but DISE itself isn't translated into all of those languages.

You'll need 2 things: translation editor and the source language file. The language file (.po) is originally in English. :)


Translation source files

These files are for DISE v0.1.6, but not all are up-to-date (you can help).

Language % Transl. Maintainer(s) Status
English - Steffen
German 58% Michi069 Not current
Finnish 83% ResidentEvil91 / RE91 Needs a small update
French 98% FTC56
Japanese 100% Steffen
Norwegian 89% Steffen
Polish 72% Patryk Needs a small update
Portuguese (Brazilian) 77% Victor, Lucas Needs a small update
Russian 60% Daniel Not current
Turkish 80% Emirhan Needs a small update
Vietnamese 98% Trollai
Chinese (simplified) 84% eroneko
Chinese (traditional) 79% Vito Zhang

How to get started

  1. In the folder you installed DISE into, open lang.
  2. Create a folder named the locale/language name. Examples: en (English), en_US (US English), fr (French).
  3. Place the main.po (source translation file) into this folder.
  4. Open main.po in Poedit.
  5. Fill out the form in Catalog > Settings > Project info. Leave the charsets as they are (UTF-8).
  6. Start translating. :) If you work on an existing translation, please make sure to review and fix the fuzzy texts.
  7. Please do not copy original (English) to translation fields if you can't translate. The error is okay. Easier to keep track of how much is translated this way. :)
  8. When saving in Poedit, it will create a .mo file. That's the file DISE will get text from, and you can test while you translate.
  9. Don' worry about the following error: format specifications in 'msgid' and 'msgstr' for argument ... are not the same 
  10. When you are finished translating, please e-mail the main.po file.

Thank you for helping out! :D


  1. Why are the items itself translated but not the GUI?

    1. They are in the installer. I provided the .zip on user request, with only the .exe and nothing else.

    2. I already used the installer and chose "German" but the GUI is still shown in English. See the screenshot:

      Is this a bug or missed I a setting? Because I looked into the German language file and it seem that all items have been translated.

    3. Ah, now I see. I didn't include the German UI language yet by request from from the translator, since he wanted to check the quality again. Now that I have updated DISE a lot after the translation was last worked on, it has a few things untranslated. It's however my fault for forgetting. That is what "(only game)" means, though (only text from the game, such as weapon names). I have been so busy lately (still), but I will hopefully be able to dedicate more time for DISE and translations soon. :\ What do you think about this? I can still provide you with what I have, even if it's a bit outdated now. If you could e-mail me, I would attach it to he reply. :)

  2. I can't download the "main.po" file
    The link isn't working

  3. the main.po is not foud

  4. "404 - File or directory not found." when I try to download main file...

  5. Hello will doing this unlock premium because it is considered contributing? ( I would donate but I'm broke at the moment)